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  • How do I reserve a puppy?
    The first step is to fil out our adoption application. You can request the application by emailing us @ put "Request Adoption Application" in the subject line and I will send it to you right away.
  • Do you offer a health guarantee?
    Yes! We offer a 1 year health guaranteed on our puppies. Visit this page to see what is covered in our health guarantee
  • Are your puppies AKC registered.
    Yes! all of our puppies are AKC registered except for Magenta's puppies her puppies are UKC registered. All of our sires are dual registered in the AKC and the UKC.
  • Do you ship puppies to people who live at a far distance from you?
    We do not do the shipping but we can recomend a transporter we have used and who takes great care of our animals. Email me and request this information. You can also use or and hire someone to transport your puppy to you through these websites.
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