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Customer Reviews

Here are some of the many reviews from our happy puppy families. You can visit our listing under to see these verified Beartooth Alaskan Malamute owners.



Hi Susan,
I wanted to send you an email update on Amira (who now goes by Masha). We are so grateful for her and she has brought so much joy into our lives! She is playful, smart, loving and well-mannered— the perfect family dog!

I have attached some photos for you to enjoy!

Nancy & Ron

I wanted to let you know everything is going great with Ranger Dolce (Bond). He is incredibly smart, already knows to sit, stay and come. Potty training is going well too and best of all, he likes to go on road trips. We take him everywhere with us and he is very social. He met the neighbor dogs and they got along fine. He eats like a horse and we are giving him 4 small meals each day. We have him scheduled with vet 11/11, soonest we could get in.
We want to thank you again for letting us adopt this sweet puppy. He has moved right into our hearts.
We will stay in touch and Ron would like to know the name of your daughter that we met. He would like to send her a book on the Constitution of the US, with your permission. Ron is very patriotic and gives the book to our grandchildren, nieces and nephews, thought your daughter might appreciate it.
Take good care and thanks again, Susan. 


 *****Wonderful experience
My husband and I were looking for a Malamute for our family farm in Montana. The driving distance didn’t matter to us as long as we found the right dog that fit our family’s needs. Being used to children was very important to us. Susan was very friendly, communicative, and happy to answer any questions we had. When my husband picked up our puppy, she was freshly bathed and had the sweet temperament we were looking for. She is healthy, sturdy, and has a great coat. She has integrated well with our young children and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Excellent breeder and totally recommend Beartooth to anyone looking for a sweet tempered Malamute.
Reviewer: Joy, July 25, 2021


 *****Beautiful Mals
I have had my Malamute, Lilly, for almost a year now. I have had two Mals in the past and love the breed. When looking for a breeder, I looked for someone that had experience with this breed, was knowledgeable and could answer all my questions and stood behind their puppies. I found this and more with Beartooth Malamutes, there main focus is making sure the puppies are healthy and taken care of. My Lilly is a beautiful red and white, with a striking mask and great confirmation. All Malamutes are strong willed, but Lilly is also so eager to please and loves to be with her family. She gets along great with other dogs, loves the water, goes on hikes and when she is old enough, we will be training her for skijoring. All in all, we love our Lilly and she is such a joy to have. You will never be disappointed with the puppies from Beartooth Malamutes.

Reviewer: Katherine, July 15, 2020


 *****Beautiful 😀Sweet😀Strong😀
We purchased two beautiful girls from Beartooth last year and couldn't be happier with them! Starting them out pulling a sled and they are incredibly strong even though they still have loads of growing to do. Sweet dipositions, not aggressive with kids, but fine watch dogs, alert to bears! We fully recommend for companion or working dog, also nannies😀

Reviewer: Sky January 9 2020


 ******Happy Puppy

My son got a puppy from Beartooth Malamutes almost a year ago. She's a very happy well socialized dog. Having never bought a dog from a breeder and after hearing so many horror stories I wasn't sure what to expect. We found a large clean area for the dogs, no bad smells and even with 3 adult dogs and 12 puppies no concerns about what you might step in. Susan was friendly and knew a lot about the breed. I was really impressed with everything about Beartooth Malamutes.

Reviewer: Cindy, September 17, 2019


 *****Elite Alaskan Malamutes

Susan was absolutely wonderful and professional during the entire process of welcoming our new girl into our home. We were able to hold her after only a couple days of reaching out to Susan and she is one of the healthiest and beautiful puppies we've ever had. It is obvious that Susan takes great pride in raising and breeding wonderful malamutes with incredible tempermants. Our girl is an absolute love and we would recommend Beartooth Malamutes to anyone looking for a Malamute puppy. Thank you Susan!!

Reviewer: Erika, March 21, 2018


 *****Dedicated & Conscientious Breeder

My wife and I have had malamutes for 30+ years. Last winter we lost both our female mutes to old age.We've been scouring the internet for a breeder that is in our general region (Wyoming)and were fortunate to locate Susan and Beartooth Mountain Malamutes.I'm a firm believer that breeds such as malamutes and huskies are healthier and happier being raised in cold weather climates.These pups are healthy and well socialized.The male pup we purchased is approaching 16-weeks and is outstanding in every facet!

Reviewer: Phil, January 14, 2018



Thank you for our Beautiful Mikki River She has been very smart at learning sit, stay, come and down.  She is almost completely potty-trained. She weighed 28 pounds last week at 14 weeks. We go on walks several times a day, she enjoys exploring our 5 acre property.

Thank you for sharing her with us! We are thoroughly enjoying her.  We anticipate the day we can come get another puppy from you. We watch your website for puppies daily!  I wish I could have "Raven", that is a gorgeous girl!
August 30th 2021


Jean K

 *****We continue to love our boy KONO?  So handsome and smart and, loving.  Emphasis on loving!! Thank you for sharing this wonder fellow with us.

June 30th 2021

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